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Misspelled auctions on eBay are a myth, right ?

Er, no. Amazingly people do make genuine spelling mistakes when they are listing items on eBay. Some of these are accidental and some arise because people are trying to squeeze too much information into the 65 character auction title. If you still don't believe us, then check out this search for Motorola on

Aren't all misspelled items on eBay fakes ?

Whilst there are definately fake items on eBay, in our experience, the overwhelming majority of misspelled eBay items are genuine mistakes caused by sellers making silly fat fingers typos. If you're unsure take a good look at the product image. If the listing is for an Abrecombie top and you can quite clearly see the word Abercrombie in the image then it's not a fake.

We'd also recommend taking a look at the sellers details. If they have limited feedback, or feedback with lots of negatives, then give avoid them. It's also worth checking the auction duration. eBay does try to check the majorty of items that are listed so the scammers will list one day and three day auctions as these are less likely to be spotted before they end.

If you have any doubt about an item, we recommend running it through a website called which will check out the item and will email you a report which will allow you to make an informed decision about whether to bid on the item.

Why do brand name searches work best ?

Because if someone is going to sell a brand name item, then they usually put the brand name in the auction title. Very general searches like 'vintage star wars characters' won't find many results. However, searching for 'star wars' will.

How come this site is free to use ?

Because we are an eBay affiliate. Each time someone makes a purchase that came from this site we get paid a small commission. It's not a lot but it does help to allow us to keep this service free.